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Product Services Offered:

1.In the Home

  1. In the Home

Meet with families in their home to discuss concerns that are related to their child and their needs. Gather information from families, school, and community. Identify and implement strategies that will carry over in all areas that affect the child's life. The whole child includes social/emotional development, development concerns related to learning, medical issues, etc.

A service that is provided in the home during routines that are difficult and problematic for the child and the whole family. Coaching the parent in the moment on ways to respond to various behaviors and deficits. This direct approach is effective as the therapeutic tools offered are specific for each individual child and their family and highly successful

A child specific plan is developed to meet the need for your child. Services are conducted in the home with parent training as the focus so that effective carryover is established. The focus of the tutoring sessions is NOT to teach to the test but in fact teach the skills and strategies needed to strengthen and help your child advance in the area of Language, reading, comprehension, and math. Activities are planned in advance of each session and all supplies are included. Consultation is needed before the start of tutoring to complete a needs assessment of the child and their learning style and needs.

2. In the School- Observations, IEP advocate

3. In the Community- Enrichment programs -See Brochure

  • Seminars and Speaking Engagements on the Following topics:

  1. Awareness of Social and Emotional Development in Infancy
  2. Challenging Behaviors: Making Connections while teaching the whole child,
  3. Executive Dysfunctions: Understanding the developmental learning deficits